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The Coop Style

So.  Things have been a bit ridiculous since the last blog post.  IN A GOOD WAY!  We were fortunate enough to have a very successful show in Lebanon, TN with Vintage Market Days of Middle Tennessee/ Nashville in March.  We met so  many amazing people.Promoters, fellow vendors, customers and even people in the community where we stayed- were simply wonderful.  We could not stop talking about THE PEOPLE.

Then again, we had an unbelievable time with Vintage Market Days of the N.C.Triangle just a week ago.  Again, amazing promoters, vendors and customers! We were able to drive to and fro each day since we live closer to this venue. Again, we can not stop talking about THE PEOPLE. 

We value the stories, conversations and jokes we encounter with each and every person that comes into our booth!  It is SO MUCH FUN!  People that have known us personally for some time, know that David is/was a man of few words (until you get him going)!  I've always been very extra with my enthusiasm (some would say, I'm sure).    THIS is who we are, THIS is who we WANT to be!  It's been quite fun watching David become that version of (once you get him going) at every event, booth or interaction with people asking about what we do!  He loves talking to PEOPLE!  I watch him interacting, laughing and carrying on and it makes me so happy.  He is THE hardest working man I have EVER known. And even though he still works SO HARD-  we are having fun together!  Our daughter travels with us to help out at the shows and this is immeasurable to us!  Not only because it would be basically impossible without her but she's my girl, my sunshine and it makes us happy to spend that time with her now that she's grown and married!!  I think she gets a kick out of listening and watching her dad be so funny and talkative! 

We have shows coming up and offers for various other events that we are looking at for the summer months as well as fall and winter!  We have a few surprises on the way that we are very excited about and if I know our PEOPLE - you will LOVE them!  Hint: #thecoopstyle ... follow that hashtag on facebook and instagram!  And you are hearing it HERE FIRST....   follow The Coop Style page on fb and instagram- that is where you will hear about what we literally have up our sleeve!  It's a ghost page right now with NO content but oh, it's coming!!!  Join our email list as well here on the website and you will get FIRST ANNOUNCEMENTS - even before we post to social media!  Plus special deals just for our email peeps - fresh from Our Coop to Your Nest! We want to connect with the PEOPLE.

And with that said- we will be changing up the website soon to become more of a gallery of what we have done and what other cool ideas are on the way!   We want to have a chance to connect with PEOPLE and have a personal exchange!  So when you see something you like on facebook, instagram or the website- call, message or email us and we can invoice you, make sure we understand EXACTLY what you want and then we can send it to you or arrange pick up! Details are so important and we don't want to be a mass producing website business!  For now, we want to enjoy the process of making things especially for YOU and seeing the smile on your face when you get it. 

Thank you for following along!  It's truly been our honor and absolute blessing to have met so many of you and helped you with your gift giving and special pieces! Your continued support is invaluable...

From Our Coop~ To Your Nest,   Cyndi and David 

Coop de Steel Design Co.


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  • Kaye Temple

    Hey I was at Vintagw Days at Triangle in Raleigh. I saw some initials that come be hung from a pole and placed in a garden or yard . I didn’t see those online . Could you please give me info and prices for those ?


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