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One year. Holy Moly!

So.  It was this time last year that we put our money where our mouths (full of endless talks of goals and dreams from 15 years ago) were.  It is CRAAAZY to think of all that has happened since the day that we took that plunge. We followed the script for a successful business venture to the 'T'. In that, we secured a location for our business in the quaintest little nearby town, started preparing the space only to find out that is was going to be too much of a process to continue there. We were so disappointed.  We went on to lease a warehouse space that was more space than we needed and wound up  turning a small building on our property into a shop/ office.

Here we are! Coop de Steel on Breezy Hill~ as we lovingly call our 10 acre property named by the man that built our little cabin home before he passed away. I work from home now that our two children are 'grown and gone' as they say. I previously taught at the same little Christian school they attended before homeschooling my son through his graduation. They BOTH got married this year!!!! My husband, Coop Daddy, is full time law enforcement and is counting down the days to retirement-people are crazy, y'all! We have our products in several booths in cute little shops, (one is in that same quaint little nearby town), an online shop, etsy shop and we promote on facebook and instagram.  We are doing some really awesome shows soon, as well!  Things are fun and exciting to say the least.

All of that leads me to WHY, why do people blog.  Does anyone REALLY care enough to follow along with us on this adventure? I have to be honest, I never really got it.  Until I realized that it CAN be a way to reach out to those that ARE interested, that DO care and want to know what Coop de Steel is up to.  So, here we go-

Jump on board!  We will be talking about new products, special pricing and events you can visit to see our creations! Welcome. I'm Cyndi and we are Coop de Steel Design Co.! 

Shop around in our store here and remember- most of our sales are CUSTOM! However, of course, we do have other items available for purchase. Contact us with details on how we can create something special for you~

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  • Patti

    Saw your beautiful products at the Vintage market on Friday May 10th. Awesome stuff!

  • Lori

    Love it! I think it’s always nice to follow the journey with people. Thanks for sharing!

  • Faye

    So glad you and Coop Daddy are making your dreams come true!

  • Karen

    So happy for you!! Can’t wait to hear about all you have going on!

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